Honey water helps you lose weight and strengthens your health

Honey water helps you lose weight and strengthens your health

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Every day a glass of honey-water repels diseases and can support a diet
Honey is an old and natural home remedy. It is intended to protect against illnesses and alleviate symptoms such as irritable cough. Few people are likely to know that the combination of lukewarm water and honey can be particularly effective. According to a research project, the honey water must be drunk regularly and daily to achieve an effect. It is best if the drink is consumed on an empty stomach.

Honey for health problems
Honey is popular with many Germans. On average, every German citizen consumes about a kilo of it every year. It is used for baking and cooking or for sweetening teas. In addition, honey has long been used against health problems. Among other things, as a home remedy for cough or tonsillitis. In combination with water, honey can be particularly effective with regular consumption.

Traditional remedy
Healing with the home remedy Honey was common in different cultures thousands of years ago. There are now various scientific studies that have looked at the health effects of honey.

A study by scientists published in the journal "Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences" provides a good overview of the traditional and modern use of honey in diseases.

Among other things, the experts deal with the use in the Indian healing art Ayurveda, in ancient Egypt or in Islamic medicine. For example, the effects of gastrointestinal complaints or fungal diseases are discussed.

Honey water on an empty stomach
What is less known to people: honey water also has many health benefits - however, it must be consumed regularly, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.

According to health experts, honey water helps you lose weight. This is because the mix is ​​very filling and reduces cravings for sweets.

According to experts, honey has an antibiotic effect. And it contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, as well as numerous vitamins, minerals and enzymes that fight bacteria. The sweetener therefore helps to strengthen the immune system.

Against gastrointestinal complaints
With regular use, honey water is said to help against abdominal pain and bloated stomach. Because the health drink neutralizes the gases in the intestinal tract and so relieves the symptoms.

Dark honey in particular can help lower cholesterol. This also reduces the risk of heart diseases such as heart attacks.

When used externally, honey also shows health benefits. It is used to support the healing of poorly healing wounds. In addition, a face mask enriched with honey can clean skin.

Simply prepared
The preparation of honey water is very simple: simply stir a spoonful of pure honey into lukewarm water. This mixture should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. When used regularly, the health drink not only protects against illnesses, but also tastes delicious. (ad)

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