Effective stress relief through mental training

Effective stress relief through mental training

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According to a recent study by the Techniker Krankenkasse, more than every second German states that they feel stressed. Striking: In the middle years between 30 and 39, over 80 percent suffer from this phenomenon. The reasons given include, among other things, excessive demands at work, problems in private life as well as too many tasks and little time. "Stress is also one of the most common causes of health problems such as tension or even back pain," says licensed stress therapist and mental trainer from Just ME GmbH Matthias Vette. "In order to live relaxed in the long term and to minimize health risks, simple mental techniques that everyone can learn quickly help."

Change perspective
Who does not know that: The stress level rises due to a traffic jam on the way to work. Even if those affected switch to the train, other stressors such as trains that fail or passengers calling on the phone quickly add. "Avoiding all stressful situations rarely leads to a long-term improvement in life," emphasizes Matthias Vette. Instead, those affected should change their perspective on supposed problems and question why they can be negatively influenced by certain processes. For example, if you see waiting at the station as an opportunity to read, you can get through the day more relaxed. With such simple changes in behavior and perception, people suffering from stress can walk through life a little easier.

Another tip: “If everything goes wrong, raise awareness of five good things. The number sounds high at first, but that is exactly the point of the exercise. If you regularly think about five positive aspects of the situation or the day, you can think of six or more at some point, ”emphasizes the stress therapist.

Change of perspective from home
It is often difficult to change your behavior and bring more serenity into everyday life. It can be even more stressful and time-consuming to try to manage your situation with time-consuming therapies or attending expensive courses. Such measures are also not suitable for everyone. Hardly anyone finds time to get expert advice and support. "Especially those who rush from appointment to appointment suffer from stress," explains Matthias Vette. He suggests incorporating smaller exercises into everyday life to avoid overloading. The island method is suitable for this, for example: take 60 seconds a day to simply inhale and exhale deeply.

Lists help to distinguish the important from the unimportant and to generously delete non-urgent tasks. In the long term, it also leads to more serenity to deal with hectic situations with humor. More and more people have recently started using online offers supported by health insurance companies. Here classic diary formats are combined with videos and practical exercises such as those just mentioned for coping with stress. The long-term goal of such programs is to reduce stress from the inside out using a newly learned perspective and to strengthen performance and self-motivation in the long term.

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