20 euros entry to the doctor: fines for unnecessary emergency ambulance patients?

20 euros entry to the doctor: fines for unnecessary emergency ambulance patients?

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Crowded emergency rooms: box office doctors for a fee for wrong emergency patients
Emergency rooms in hospitals are actually only intended for emergencies. But more and more patients who could also be treated on an outpatient basis go to these clinic facilities. Experts had therefore proposed a possible emergency admission fee of 20 euros. Others reject this punishment.

Many patients are wrong in the emergency room
Up to 25 million people are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year. However, it has been criticized for years that too many wrong patients come, for example because of a runny nose or other minor illnesses. In some clinics, the emergency rooms are completely overcrowded.

Every third patient could be treated on an outpatient basis
"According to statements by specialist societies, a third of the patients could be treated without hesitation in the private practice, so they do not belong in the hospital," criticized the association of replacement funds in a recent statement. To address the problem, experts proposed an emergency admission fee of 20 euros. However, many do not believe in this.

No fines for patients
Thuringia's health doctors refuse to pay fines for patients who go to the emergency rooms of hospitals for no good reason, reports the dpa news agency. "This is not an issue at all," said the chair of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV), Annette Rommel, to the German Press Agency. In her opinion, the idea of ​​asking “wrong” emergency patients to checkout is not only completely paradoxical, but also politically unenforceable.

20 euro emergency admission fee suggested
The Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) Berlin had proposed an emergency admission fee in the discussion about the rush of patients to the hospital emergency departments. Everyone who comes to the emergency room should pay a flat fee of 20 euros. If it's an emergency, he'll get his money back, otherwise not.

Hospitals have to justify emergencies
In Thuringia, on the other hand, the KV relies on so-called portal practices that precede the clinic emergency rooms. There it is decided whether the patients need acute treatments or can wait until the regular consultation hours of medical practices.

As it says in the agency announcement, they had started negotiations with the state hospital company, health insurance companies and individual clinics. In addition, Thuringian clinics have recently to justify whether they are actually emergencies. If they do not do this, they will not be paid for their services. (ad)

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