Expert: Consume more calories with aqua fitness than with jogging

Expert: Consume more calories with aqua fitness than with jogging

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Aqua training is a particularly gentle way of training muscles without straining the joints too much. The exercises are carried out with swimming noodles, or aerobics and kickboxing are imitated in the water. For older people and overweight people, aqua fitness is ideal for reducing calories.

Gentle exercises with high loads
Aqua-Training offers overweight people the opportunity to exercise appropriately physically without putting too much strain on the joints and the cardiovascular system. The body burns even more calories than with other endurance training. The exercises usually take place in chest-high or deep water. “It depends on the type of training on the one hand, and on the other hand on the swimming skills of the participants,” says Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne. “If you don't feel safe in deep water, you should definitely make sure to choose a course that takes place in the shallower pool.”

Water resistance increases training effect
The advantages of water are exploited in Aqua-Sport. "Since the resistance of the water is about 14 times higher than the air resistance, the movement is significantly more difficult and the entire body is stressed," Froböse explains in an interview. For this reason, the exercises can be very strenuous and greatly promote endurance. According to the expert, the effort would be worthwhile. The trunk and upper body muscles and legs benefit in particular. In addition to endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility are encouraged.

Aqua-Sport is rewarding and gentle for overweight people who are just looking to get back on the move. Aqua training not only trains the entire body, the calories also drop. This sport is particularly suitable for overweight people because it protects the heart and joints. "The water resistance ensures high energy consumption, while the movements are gentle on the heart and joints," explains Ute Repschläger from the IFK. "A lot of energy is consumed because the water resistance is trained in all directions." The blood vessels in the water would be given more blood because they would then be exposed to higher pressure. This will strengthen the cardiovascular system, explains the expert.

Higher calorie consumption than jogging
The body consumes about 400 kilo-calories (Kcal) per half hour in the water because it increases its metabolism so as not to cool down. You can't even do that with jogging. Because with active running, only around 300 calories are consumed despite great effort. The reason is the thermal conductivity in the water, which boosts calorie consumption. The body consumes about 400 calories in 30 minutes because it has to increase its metabolism against cooling at a water temperature of 28 and 31 degrees.

Various “training devices” can be used for aqua training. These include, for example, aqua noodles, swimming boards, buoyancy belts, aqua jogging gloves, dumbbells and trampolines. Music is also often used. This creates a good mood and motivates the participants. (sb)

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