Eating too much fruit is also not healthy

Eating too much fruit is also not healthy

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Fruit sugar can also cause health problems
Fruit is healthy. However, due to the fructose it contains, it should not be consumed in excess. This is what the consumer service Bavaria points out, according to a report by the news agency "dpa". Products with labels such as "only with the sweetness of fruit" suggest that they are healthier than those with granulated sugar. But fructose can also cause health problems.

Too much sugar can have many negative consequences
Whether statements such as "contains only natural sweetness of fruit" or "without the addition of granulated sugar": Advertising slogans like this appeal primarily to consumers who value healthy eating and want to consume as little sugar as possible. Because a high-sugar diet can have many health consequences such as Have diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease. But appearances are deceptive, because fructose can also have a negative impact on health.

Relationship between fructose and obesity
Fresh fruit is healthy because, like vegetables, it acts as an important source of nutrients. In addition, the risk of nutritional diseases such as Reduce high blood pressure, coronary heart disease or stroke, explains the German Nutrition Society (DGE). But as with everything else, the right amount is crucial. Because, as the Bavarian Consumer Service informs, fructose contains just as many calories as most other types of sugar. In addition, there is a connection between the consumption of fructose and obesity, which is not based on an increased calorie intake, but on an influence on the fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Swiss researchers even recently discovered that fructose can be dangerous to the heart.

According to the experts of the consumer service, it is advantageous that fructose increases the blood sugar value only slightly. To check whether this is contained in a product, consumers should look for the names corn syrup, high-fructose syrup and fructose in the list of ingredients. (No)

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