Heart attack patients are more likely to survive when treated by a doctor

Heart attack patients are more likely to survive when treated by a doctor

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Higher chances of survival for heart attack patients when treated by a doctor

Around 300,000 people in Germany suffer a heart attack (myocardial infarction) every year. In an acute case, quick action can save lives. If the patient is a woman, she has a better chance of survival if she is treated by a doctor. This has now been shown by an analysis of more than half a million patients in the United States.

Gender differences

According to health experts, heart attacks are often not recognized in women, partly because the disease is symptomatically different from that of men. There are also scientific studies that indicate that the chances of surviving a heart attack are lower for women than for men. A new study has now shown that this apparently also has to do with the gender of the treating doctor.

Higher chances of survival when treated by a doctor

According to a new study, a woman who suffers a heart attack and is treated by a doctor has a higher chance of survival than if she is looked after by a male doctor.

The survival rate "had a significant and positive effect", as it says in the work published in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences".

Researchers from Harvard University, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities were involved in the scientific investigation.

Lower mortality rate

To arrive at their results, the scientists used data from over 580,000 people who had been treated for emergency heart care in the US state of Florida between 1991 and 2010.

According to the information, a total of almost twelve percent of these patients died.

Surprisingly, the experts also found that the mortality rate was 5.4 percent lower when women were treated by women.

Doctors achieve better treatment results

"Our work confirms previous research that shows that female doctors tend to get better treatment outcomes than male doctors," quotes science daily journalist Seth Carnahan of Washington University in St. Louis.

"The study also suggests that male doctors who have treated more women or have more female colleagues are more successful in treating women," says a CNN report.

It would therefore be welcomed to employ more doctors in emergency rooms. (ad)

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