Researcher: Old apple varieties can cure apple allergy

Researcher: Old apple varieties can cure apple allergy

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Study shows: Old varieties of apples can cure apple allergy

Many hay fever patients develop an allergy to apples over time. An observational study provides new insights: Regular consumption of old apple varieties can alleviate the symptoms overall, so that new apple varieties are also better tolerated.

The observational study shows that eating tolerance-poor apples apparently is possible through regular eating. Apple allergy sufferers should, if possible, access them when buying apples.

With this observational study, the researchers were able to show that it makes sense to go to the trouble of apple allergy to find and buy old apple varieties such as Alkmene, Eifeler Rambur, Goldparmäne Gravensteiner, Jonathan and Boskoop, since regular consumption after Study is able to not completely eliminate the existing apple allergy, but it can significantly reduce the discomfort when eating apples.

What is an "apple allergy"?

  • An allergy to allergens in the apple
  • The symptoms are varied: itching and burning sensation on the lip, mouth, tongue, swelling of the tongue, oral mucosa, throat, choking, nasal congestion, itching of the nose or eyes, itching and wheals of the skin (as after contact with nettle) , Difficulty breathing, including diarrhea and nausea.
  • Most symptoms appear about 5-20 minutes after eating an apple (or hazelnuts or other stone and pome fruit) and last for 1-2 hours.

What is the cause of an "apple allergy"?

  • The prerequisite for an allergy to apples and other pome and stone fruit as well as hazelnuts is - as a rule - the existence of a hay fever due to the pollen from hazel, alder and birch.
  • It is a kind of "change of floors" from the nose and eye to the mouth.
  • Allergens in the apple are responsible, which are similar to the allergens in birch pollen; i.e. is spoken of a "cross reactivity".

63 allergy sufferers who showed allergic symptoms after eating an apple of a common variety took part in the study.

The most common symptoms of apple allergy are itching in the mouth, swelling of the oral mucosa, tongue or lips. Eye, nose, skin or breathing difficulties may also occur. Typically, symptoms begin 5 to 10 minutes after eating and subside after 20 minutes.

The study was able to show that after eating a Golden Delicious apple before and after eating a low-allergen apple daily for 90 days, symptoms of allergy such as tingling / itching in the mouth, swelling of the oral mucosa improved significantly. The itching of the lips improved slightly. No significant changes were observed in the symptoms “swelling of the lip” and “swelling of the tongue”. Here you will find a list of the compatibility of apple varieties from BUND Lemgo.

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