Meningitis: Eight-year-old child dies from severe meningitis

Meningitis: Eight-year-old child dies from severe meningitis

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Eight-year-old student died of meningitis - classmates should be examined

In Hessen, an eight-year-old girl died from the consequences of meningitis (meningitis). Other people may also have been infected. Therefore, classmates and teachers should be examined by a doctor if necessary. According to the authorities, all contact persons are currently being determined.

Young girl died of bacterial meningitis

An eight-year-old student from Rosbach, Hesse, died of meningitis (bacterial meningitis). As the Wetterau district wrote in a message, the girl had announced sick leave last Thursday and was picked up from school by her parents. After the complaints increased, the girl was admitted to the university children's clinic in Gießen. On Tuesday, confirmation of bacterial meningitis was reported from there to the responsible health authority. Since the disease is contagious, people who have had contact with the girl should have a medical examination.

All close contacts are identified

"In close cooperation between the school and the health department, all close contacts are identified," says the Wetteraukreis report.

And further: "According to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, drug prophylaxis is offered for them."

According to the information, the parents of the affected classmates are asked by the school management to introduce themselves to the respective pediatricians who have been informed by the health authority.

This applies to the students in the class as well as a course that the deceased girl attended in the past week. Teachers should also introduce themselves to their general practitioners.

Notifiable illness

According to the district health department, the disease meningitis is notifiable.

Meningococci are bacteria that settle in the nasopharynx of humans and, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), can be detected there in about ten percent of the population without any clinical symptoms.

They are most commonly transmitted as a droplet infection. When talking, coughing or sneezing, the bacteria escape into the air in small droplets from the nasopharynx and can be inhaled from a short distance.

In addition, the pathogens can be transmitted as a smear infection even in close contact with the sick, for example by touching the nasal secretion. Outside the body, the bacteria die quickly.

Different shapes

According to health experts, two forms of meningococcal disease can occur individually or together:

“Meningococcal diseases develop as meningitis in about two thirds of the cases. In about a third of the cases, the course is characterized by sepsis, ”the RKI writes on its website.

The onset of illness is usually very sudden and rapidly progressing.

Fast medical help is necessary if symptoms occur

An infection can lead to symptoms such as headache, stiff neck or nausea.

Other symptoms of meningitis include fever, sensitivity to light, chills, and a lowered level of consciousness, such as severe sleepiness or drowsiness.

Bacterial meningitis can quickly lead to severe disabilities or even death.

But: "If the disease is recognized in good time and countermeasures are taken, it can be cured by giving a combination of antibiotics," writes the Wetterau district.

Basically everyone can get a meningococcal infection. However, it most often affects infants in the first year of life, small children or adolescents.

"The incubation period is usually 3 to 4 days, but it can also be between 2 and 10 days," says the RKI.

If you suspect meningococcal infection, you must go to the hospital immediately! The infection is treated with antibiotics. Vaccination against the deadly disease has been available for several years. (ad)

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