Two US travelers may have been infected with rabies and are now urgently needed

Two US travelers may have been infected with rabies and are now urgently needed

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Federal Health Office in Bern is looking for the potentially infected

A couple of tourists from Switzerland may have contracted rabies after coming into contact with an infected bat. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has now launched a public call to locate the couple. The unsuspecting tourists know nothing about their possible rabies infection. The couple must be found as quickly as possible because untreated rabies is fatal.

The American health authorities (CDC) have warned the BAG that the couple they are looking for has come into contact with infected bats in Florida and may have been infected with the rabies virus. The couple had picked up a bat from the ground on vacation in the city of Naples in Florida and taken it to a veterinary clinic, where the animal was tested positive for rabies the day after. However, the couple could no longer be contacted and therefore knows nothing of the threat of rabies.

Who is wanted?

It is said to be a man and a woman from Switzerland. According to official information, the man is between 50 and 60 years old and works in a pest control company. The authorities have no further information. The authorities ask the couple to contact the family doctor or the Federal Office of Health as soon as possible.

Rabies is life threatening

Rabies, also known as rabies or rage, is triggered by a virus that can be transmitted via saliva. For example, through bite injuries or saliva contact with skin or mucosal injuries, the virus can pass to another host. But it can take several months for rabies to break out. Untreated rabies infections are life-threatening. As soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear, the disease takes a fatal course. Before that, it can be successfully prevented with post-exposure vaccination.

Rabies symptoms

The virus attacks the central nervous system and can cause paralysis, confusion and a state of delirium as the disease progresses. As a result of paralysis of the throat, foam can form in front of the mouth and attacks of anger and crying can occur in infected people. (vb)

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