Health: Do not exercise with an empty stomach

Health: Do not exercise with an empty stomach

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Take carbohydrates in the morning before exercising
Jogging or going to the gym in the morning is a good idea. Because in the morning we have a lot of energy! But when it comes to morning sports, a few basic rules must be observed, as Professor Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University in Cologne explained. Otherwise, there may even be health consequences.

According to the sports physician, a lukewarm glass of water should be drunk about twenty minutes before morning exercise and the body should be supplied with carbohydrates for the upcoming stress. Eating a banana with the water is "not very stressful and makes good energy", continues Froböse.

According to the expert, the assumption that early morning exercise is particularly helpful in burning fat persists to this day, but this is a misconception. Because the "fat burning processes have to be worked out" and "fats only burn in the purgatory of carbohydrates", says Froböse. According to the expert, untrained beginners cannot burn their fats immediately.

Health complaints due to lack of energy during early exercise Many early athletes believe that the morning movement gnaws at the fat pads immediately "because the sugar reserves have been used up overnight and the replenishment is still lacking," said the sports doctor. However, this is a mistake. Rather, the body cannot burn the fats immediately without appropriate training, and those affected are at risk of lack of energy, with corresponding negative health consequences.

If early athletes start running on an empty stomach, not only may their energy intake be too low, but their internal organs may also be irritated by the unusual effort and lack of food. In this way, “the stomach can become very sensitive,” explained the sports doctor. There is also a possible undersupply of the brain, which can cause dizziness and perceptual disorders. This is especially the case when the liquid stores are empty, said Froböse. Therefore, the body should be supplied with a glass of lukewarm water and some carbohydrates before exercising. Water from the refrigerator is generally not recommended, as this is much better tolerated at room temperature, the expert continues.

Morning exercise takes time Early athletes should take enough time for physical activities in the morning, according to the expert, to adequately prepare for the effort and then regenerate adequately. According to Froböse, breakfast, including breakfast, should be planned for around two to two and a half hours. Rushing and doing early morning sports before work is the wrong way. Because the muscles also need some time in the morning to get going.

After the morning exercise, the expert recommends stretching and relaxation exercises and a relaxing shower. Afterwards, the early athletes should have a leisurely breakfast, for example a bowl of muesli with fruit is particularly suitable, Froböse emphasized.

Endurance sports particularly well suited for early sports In the sports that are suitable for early athletes, endurance sports are far ahead. On the other hand, sports such as tennis, football or squash are less recommendable, because they encourage maximum performance and at the same time a defeat is dragged along all day. Weight training is also unsuitable because the blood pressure goes up quickly.

If you overdo it in the morning exercise, if in doubt, you need the whole day to recover. The expert therefore advises only moderate effort, whereby "a subjective underload is the right measure". Also owl people should not force themselves to exercise early against their own nature and biorhythm. Froböse explains that what is suitable for early risers of the lark type can cause considerable complaints for late risers of the owl type. (sb, fp)

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