Emergency pharmacies on Christmas and New Year's Eve

Emergency pharmacies on Christmas and New Year's Eve

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Night and emergency services of the pharmacies on Christmas and New Year's Eve
Who does not know that: It is Christmas, New Year's or New Year's holiday, weekend or in the middle of the night and right now the child is getting a high fever or you are suddenly plagued by severe complaints. Going to the pharmacy is usually the means of choice to get relief or medication that can help. In order to ensure this service at night and on Sundays and public holidays, such as now at the end of the year, it is ensured that every citizen can access a pharmacy emergency service within a reasonable distance in an emergency.

Emergency service on New Year's Eve or Christmas: Where is the nearest pharmacy open?
Call 0800 00 22833. Another option is this nationwide service: a call by mobile phone to 22833 without area code or an SMS with the relevant postcode to the same number.

In recent years, according to the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), the number of requests for night and emergency services to the pharmacy finder 22 8 33 has regularly increased significantly compared to the remaining months of December. At the end of the year there is still an increased need for nationwide supply of pharmaceuticals around the clock and for pharmacists as competent contacts in illness situations.

There are currently 145 pharmacies in Bremen, for example, and all of them take part in organized night and emergency services. In most cases, four to five pharmacies have emergency services in Bremen-Stadt at the same time, due to the reduced number, only three can be available at the same time in a few cases.

According to Section 23 of the Pharmacy Works Regulations, pharmacies are generally obliged to be on duty at all times. The competent authority releases pharmacies from this constant readiness at certain times if another pharmacy takes over the supply during this period.

If a pharmacy is on emergency service, it is open from 9 a.m. to 9 a.m. the following day. During this time, the pharmacist on duty can be reached non-stop via a pharmacy bell.

As with regular pharmacy support, patients receive advice in addition to dispensing medication from a pharmacy on duty, which can also take place by telephone in emergencies. For safety reasons, the medication is given at night via a so-called emergency service hatch.

When using the night and emergency service, patients incur additional costs of 2.50 euros. These costs are incurred once, even if a customer redeems several prescriptions or purchases pharmacy-only medication. If the doctor in charge has checked the "noctu" box on the emergency service prescription, the health insurance company will cover this fee.

There are various ways for patients to find out which pharmacy is currently on standby in their area. You can call the landline for free at 0800 00 22833. Another option is this nationwide service: a call by mobile phone to 22833 without area code or an SMS with the relevant postcode to the same number.

In addition, potential customers can download the free "Pharmacy Finder" app for Apple, Android and Windows 8 smartphones from the respective stores. On Sundays and public holidays, or at night, pharmacies on duty can be found on the mobile web via

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